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Hi. My name is Yusuf. My photography buddies call me DA (for DigitalArtist). My gypsetting mates call me Spider. That's also the nickname that friends from my Alma Mater, the Royal Military College, will know me by. This site is about gypsetting, glamping, photosafaris, photography, learning photography, and about shooting and sharing pictures from places that normal tourists dont usually go to. It's also about the Photo Safaris I've been organizing for fun, over the last eight years for friends, photographers and budding gypsetters, to share with them, some of the amazing, lesser known and still unspoilt places on mother earth that I've been lucky enough to have been to. If anybody wants to purchase prints of the photos here, please  write to me. Prints are available at any size, and on any medium including canvas, fine art paper, premium silk paper, matte textured paper, laminated paper, mounted, framed, rolled or tubed.

Mursi Boy

I've been into digital photography since 1993, and shooting film for as long as I can remember. I taught photography and digital post processing to diploma students at Malaysia's Open University for a couple of years. But my PhotoSafari prigrams were taking me out of the country about 6 months every year, so reluctantly, I've had to stop those lectures. 

Ertale VolcanoI still enjoy teaching, but instead of doing it on somebody's time table, I now do a couple of Photography and Post processing workshops each year, mainly for people who join my photosafaris, and when I'm not travelling, I also do a  few one on one private coaching on digital photography workflow for anybody that specially asks for it. With digital photography, we are now totally responsible not only for shooting the pictures, but also for developing, printing and archiving them. So its good to be adept about the digital photography workflow if we want our images to rise above the typical photos we see on FB.  

Bull Elephant

If you want to shoot pictures of some of the most amazing people and places on mother earth, like the Mursi Boy with his AK-47 (top left), from the underbelley of Ethiopia, the hyper active Erta'Ale Volcano in the Danakil Depression in North East Africa, (above right), a Bull Elephant in Tanzania's Serengeti of Tanzania (right), or bare breasted Ebore Ladies (Below left), come and join one of my photosafaris. 

Details of my current PhotoSafari programs are at my PhotoSafari Website at www.photosafari.com.my. Since 2008, I have done more than 50 photosafaris and workshops for groups of photographers from around the world. I've taken photographers to Bhutan, Kashmir, the Old Silk Road in Xinjiang Uyghur, Bangladesh, the Taklimakan Desert, Cuba, Tibet, Nepal, the Himalayas, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Korea, India, Ethiopia,  Africa, Kashmir, etc.  In 2015 we are going to Iceland, Patagonia, Greenland, Morocco, North Korea, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Philippines, and more. Check out how you can join my photosafari programs at www.photosafari.com.my

Ebore LadiesHope you'll enjoy my pictures. I'd love to hear from you if you care to  write to me...And if the spitit should move you, hop over to my FB page for photos and reports of my latest photosafaris. I do these things not for profit, but as a hobby, and simply for the love of photography and travel photography, and because I enjoy meeting photographers and sharing all things related to photography with other photographers, who usually become life long friends afterwards. The scruffy photographer on this page, and below, stalking Zebras in the Nechisar National Park in Africa, is a splitting likeness of me. He is 15 grandchildren young, a Gentleman of Leisure, Unemployed, Unemployable and he looks like he's loving it. Come and join him in spending our children's inheritance. If we dont spend it, sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, they are going to spend it when  we're shooting pictures in the heavens above...

Yusuf Hashim stalking Zebras

Perito Moreno Glacier

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