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My name is Yusuf. My photography buddies call me DA (for DigitalArtist). My gypsetting mates call me Spider. That's also the name that friends from my Alma Mater, the Royal Military College, would know me by. This site is about photography and learning photography, and about shooting pictures in places that normal tourists dont usually go to. It's also about the unique Photo Safaris I've been organizing over the last five years for friends, photographers and budding gypsetters, to share with them, some of the amazing, lesser known and still unspoilt places that I've been privileged to have been to. If anybody wants to purchase prints of the photos here, please drop me a line at yusufhashim at digitalartist dot com dot my. Prints are available at any size, and on any medium including canvas, fine art paper, premium silk paper, matte textured paper, etc.

If you want to shoot pictures of some of these places, come and join one of my photosafaris. If you want a photosafari specially customized for your own interests you can write to me.. I have arranged several photosafaris for groups of photographers from abroad, and the latest was a photosafari to Java and Sumatra for 12 photographers from Taiwan, who wanted to shoot the Pacu Jawi Bull Races in Sumatra, the Sulphur Gatherers at Mt Ijen Volcano in Java, The Bromo Volcano, Traditional Markets, Landscapes, and Human Interest Subjects in Indonesia. I do these things not for profit, but as a hobby, and simply for the love of photography, and because I enjoy meeting photographers and sharing all things related to photography with other photographers, who usually become life long friends afterwards.

The scruffy photographer on this page is a splitting likeness of me. He is 13 grandchildren young, a Gentleman of Leisure, Unemployed, Unemployable and he looks like he's loving it.  

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Sahara Desert at Dusk  Kom Ombo  Nirvana Beach Java  Ruta 40 in Western Argentina  Makgadikgadi Pan in Botswana  Tropic of Capricorn

Crossing the Equator at Nanyuki in Kenya  Switchbacks at the Sani Pass in Lesotho   Trekking to the Everest Base Camp in the Himalayas   Route Map of Africa   Go to Victoria Falls  Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania  Sahara Desert at Dusk somewhere near  Bab el Kebir Oasis  Flying a Cessna 206 over the Okavango Delta in Botswana   Yusuf Hashim-African Journey  Book Cover Yusuf Hashim African Journey  Title Page of Yusuf Hashim African Journey  African Journey Pages 168-169  Page 61 - About King Leopold, the Butcher of Africa  Photos of Gaddafi   African Journey Pages 45-46 -Two Swaziland ladies    Savouring Life  Yusuf Hashim-Savouring Life Book  chiaroscuro Plus  Chiaroscuro Plus Page 6            

Book Cover-The Other Side of Angkor   Book Cover De Qua Vietnam  Book Cover Shundur Bangladesh  Book Cover - Amazing Siem Reap  Book Cover The Other Side of Cebu   PhotoSafari Book - The Third Eye  

Info Pack for my PhotoSafari to Ethiopia  PhotoSafari to Ethiopia  View of participants at a recent PMPE Workshop   Portraiture session at a PMPE Workshop  Speakers at the World Photo Fest in Penang 29-31 Mar 2013   Poster for "Meet the Pros" event     

Baloon  Baloon View  Annapurnas  Group photo Annapurnas  Crossing Titicaca  Sonmarg Glacier    

Driving on Old Silk Road from Istanbul to Kuala Lumpur  Route Map Driving from London to Malaysia North   Route Map London to Malaysia South   South America Route Map   La Paz Bolivia   Uros on Lake Titicaca in Peru   Perito Moreno Glacier  Route Map Kuala Lumpur to India