How to join my Photo Safaris and learn how to shoot better photos

Learn Digital Photography and Join me in a PhotoSafari to an exotic location


I'm an Administrator of, a popular Malaysian online photography club with about 80,000 members who are amateurs as well as professional photographers. Membership is free and I'd like to invite you to go over to the PhotoMalaysia Website and become a member. Membership of brings you many privileges. Apart from the usual online forum participation where members  post, ask, answer and discuss a myriad of photography and digital photography tips, tutorials and learning points, we organize a lot of online and offline photography related activities for our members. These include photography talks, exhibitions, photo critique sessions, photography competitions with valuable sponsored items as prizes, shooting walkabouts, classes on How to  shoot, develop and print  photos  by using film, How to post process  digital pictures, how to use your camera, etc.etc. was started in 2008 by Yusuf Hashim and Maxby Chan, both of whom are administrators of, to help take the digital photography skills of members up a considerable notch.